Learn HOW to diet & HOW to keep it off: The Essential Life Skills for Optimum Emotional & Physical Health. 

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Have you ever had trouble consistently sticking to a diet?

Have you ever struggled to lose weight only to gain it back?

The reason you haven’t been able to do this successfully is because you don’t know how. 

It’s not your fault!

The Health You Deserve Online Course is appropriate for anyone who seeks to maintain a healthy weight (but has previously struggled) & lifestyle. In this online workshop series you will learn how to make changes in your thinking so that you can make permanent changes in your eating & lifestyle. 

Losing weight (and keeping it off) is not just a matter of willpower and a healthy eating plan.


To be successful long term, you have to lay a solid foundation before even considering a diet. Without this foundation it’s impossible for most people to stick to a diet long term.

You have to learn a set of essential tools & skills that create the foundation for life. These include cognitive (thinking) and behavioural skills to be successful for life. This is the missing ingredient and the reason why so many fail to keep to a healthy balanced weight

Most people struggle with losing weight and keeping it off because no one ever taught them how.

Now, you can learn these essential skills & tools that will make the difference for your life moving forward. This approach works with any reasonable diet and will teach you the missing link between knowing what to do and knowing how to get yourself to do it consistently. 

Other weight-loss programs assume that you have the tools and skills to be able to follow a diet. This is however a big mistake and leads millions of dieters to feel a sense of failure when they can’t sustain their diet or they gain the weight back. 

This programme focuses mainly on giving you the understanding, tools and skills so you can keep up any reasonable healthy eating plan for the rest of your life. It also gives you the crucial skills to be able to get back on track when you struggle. 

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The ‘Health You Deserve’ Skills Programme is different from other weight loss programs.

Gary Janit

Director of CBT Therapy Manchester &

The Prestwich Holistic Centre

I am an experienced CBT therapist having worked for many years on the NHS, in private hospitals as well as now being the Director of the Prestwich Holistic Centre and CBT Therapy Manchester. 

I have been trained specifically for issues with health and weight management by the Beck Institute in Philadelphia. They are the leaders in CBT understanding and skills for weight loss and management. 


This program empowers dieters to make healthy lifestyle choices that are sustainable.

Research shows that CBT is effective for many different health and emotional difficulties including losing & maintaining a balanced weight. 

Incorporating CBT to any weight loss programme has been shown to be more helpful than just trying to lose weight by dieting and exercising. Once again, learning to manage your thoughts and feelings is the missing ingredient and the reason why dieters struggle over and over again!

Cognitive Therapy is a psychological treatment that will help you successfully lose excess weight and keep it off.

The way you think about food, eating, and dieting affects you behaviour and how you feel emotionally.

Certain ways of thinking make it difficult to follow a diet and to maintain weight loss.

The Weight Matters course (also known as ‘CBT for Health & Weight Loss) takes you through a process to change sabotaging thoughts (that cause you to stray from your diet) to helpful thinking (that will lead to success).

It is possible you can learn how to continually follow an eating plan (for life). 

Price Increase Coming

This event is being offered at a highly reduced price until the 17th June. To be most effective, I like to work with small groups, so places are limited on this 4 week online course.

After the 17th June, the price will increase to £250 so this is a great opportunity to invest in your most important asset - your health! You can lock in your Early Bird pricing for £175 if you book before the 17th. A small price to pay for better health & well-being!

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'The Health You Deserve' : Don’t Diet, Do this instead Online Programme 
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See what others have said about previous 'Health You Deserve' courses

Yael, Gibraltor

"Loved this! I really looked forward every week to participate. I found it very helpful and the practical tips that were taught to us were doable and helpful. I also found that the other participants comments were very encouraging and didn’t feel alone in what I am going through. Gary was brilliant and very clear explaining and answering our questions on the chat. I would definitely want to have refresher sessions to help keep me focused. Thank you so so much for the information and help and encouragement I so desperately need"

Zoey, Manchester

"I’m glad I attended the health and well-being training when I was experiencing difficulty managing my emotions and related health issues. I’m now back to feeling myself again and Gary has taught me to understand how I can better manage stress and keep my health and weight balanced in the future. I’d recommend Gary if you need any support - it really does help."

Miriam, Manchester

"I really benefitted from the program, I've lost 2lb a week since I started without following a particular diet just more aware an focussed."

Leah, Manchester

"Really too many good things to write! In the main, the lighthouse technique as well as cards for sabotaging thoughts and the resulting responses. Being mindful when eating is another big one, and then the general idea of a balance to ones life. A very good course. Thank you"

Sally T, Manchester

"I have always come away feeling I can tackle any barriers to my weight loss. Sessions are always relaxed and I have been able to open up about areas of my life I would really like to improve on. So far I have been able to lose weight successfully and I have managed to make changes to my lifestyle that have felt natural and easy to implement. I am now looking forward to reaching my target weight."

Client S, Manchester

"I had been in a deep rut with overeating and spending excessively on junk food for very many years. I had been gaining weight steadily for years. I had tried dieting and exercise plans more than once, but in spite of initial success, I always fell back into the same rut and all the bad habits returned. I started with Gary and after 13 sessions I feel transformed. I no longer buy junk food; I don't turn to nosh when I feel low; I am able to understand my thoughts and feelings, what triggers them and how to respond to them. I have started exercising regularly and I enjoy it. Using the tools Gary taught me I have rebuilt my eating habits and am losing weight slowly and sustainably. I am much healthier, and overall significantly happier and more at peace with myself."

Mrs CB, Manchester

"Losing weight was the main reason I attended Gary’s health and weight loss training. I already have a plethora of books and dieting ideas stored in my brain. The CBT reprogramming was a big factor in helping me put into practice what I already knew as ways to make lifestyle changes and healthy eating. To date I have lost about 19kg and have about 20kg more to go before reaching a target weigh. I’m closer to my goal weight than I ever was."

Zach K, Manchester

"Through Gary's CBT and mindfulness training, I was able to begin creating positive and helpful thought processes in my brain.... Gary helped us understand the thought processes that can really give us control of our choices."

Limited Spots Available: Register Now To Save Your Spot!

Live Webinar Essentials

When are they?

4 Online Sessions:

  • 20th June 8pm - 9.15pm
  • 04th July 8pm - 9.15pm
  • 11th July 8pm - 9.15pm
  • 18th July 8pm - 9.15pm
How do I login ?

The link to the login page and everything you need will be sent to you via email before the course starts.

Additional Support

1 to 1 coaching sessions are also available with Gary alongside (or after) the workshop if you need additional support. 


We will be recording the 
sessions in case you can't attend on the day - replays and content will be available to you throughout the course.

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